Gail Hart Psychic Essex

Welcome to the website of Essex Psychic Gail Hart, as seen on TV.

Gail Hart Psychic Essex

Gail Hart Psychic

Welcome to the website of Essex Psychic Gail Hart, as seen on TV.

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Gail Hart Psychic Essex
Private Readings

My name is Gail Hart and I’m an Essex-based Psychic offering private readings to the Essex and London areas.

Here you can find information and links to book one to one readings in person, by the phone or via Skype, so no matter where in the world you are, you can always get a reading. I do all my readings myself, unless you ask for someone else.

I am a clairvoyant medium with over 32 years experience. I started when I was just 19. I use a variety of tools in my readings such as tarot cards, palmistry and crystal ball. I can also read objects such as tea leaves and jewellery but usually reserve this type of ‘fun’ readings for parties rather than the more serious one to one personal readings.

I am a medium which means I can ‘speak to the dead’ or as we politely like to call it, ‘communicate with the spirit world’. This isn’t everyone’s type of reading so it can be left out if preferred.I will always ask you at the start of your reading what type of reading you want. I have been known to communicate with deceased pets too- horses, cats and dogs.

Clairvoyant means ‘clear vision’ in French. It’s a bit like daydreaming and seeing images. Some images are literal and some are symbolic.

One to one readings are conducted from my base Loughton, Essex IG10 2LH, but I can also do the reading over the phone or by Skype if you live too far away, even in another country. You may bring a friend to sit in with you if you like but please let me know in advance.

If you have never had a reading before, please do not be nervous, I am used to seeing first timers and aim to put you at ease.

I do not tell people when they are going to die or if something ‘bad’ is going to happen to them. I do however let you know if I see a difficult time ahead and we work together in the reading to look at ways to overcome that, which is why I also work as a healer, herbalist and flower remedy practitioner. I word the reading carefully so not to cause stress or alarm. Some clients however do prefer a ‘warts and all’ approach and usually tell me at the beginning of the reading if this is the case.

However, I pride myself on being ethical and like to work with the client to get the most out of their reading. Sometimes the information that comes may seem random, but that’s what I love about readings, you never know what is going to come up! If a reading seems a bit puzzling in places, it usually makes sense as things drop into place over time.

Prices start from £35 for a three questions email reading – no need to worry about choosing the date and time, we just have these on the booking system so Gail can see a reading has been booked. The email readings are conducted within 48 hours of being received and you need to send three questions to Gail will send you your reading as a recorded MP3 voice attachment lasting approx. 20 mins.

£50 for half an hour, £60 for 45 mins and £75 for an hour via Skype / Zoom/ WhatsApp/ phone

Gail can record Skype and Zoom readings and send to you either in the Skpe chat or as an email (zoom converted to MP3 and MP4- zoom) does take a while to download so please be patient as it may take a few hours to send during busy times.

Gail is unable to record phone or WhatsApp readings from her end. You are welcome to record the reading on your mobile phone (voice memo or voice recorder) or make notes.

Once you make your booking, you will be contacted to ask if you prefer your reading via phone, Zoom or Skype. Please let Gail know as soon as you can because trying to set up these links can eat into your reading time if not already agreed and set up in advance.

In the case of bad internet connections, the reading will resume via phone call.